• Greece

    Mythical Greece and its unique islands: your perfect holiday recipe.

    Greece is an enchanting country that offers everything to its visitors.

    Its beauty and its charm are unique: Greece is sun, sea, suggestive landscapes and archaeological sites that remind you of its glorious past and make it the cradle of modern civilization.

    The capital Athens is a cosmopolitan and lively city, dominated by the famous Acropolis, rich in monuments, museums and squares overlooked by the typical taverns.

    From Piraeus - Athens' port - ferries leave to connect it to its many islands and here are the main charter bases that offer countless opportunities to rent the right boat for a perfect holiday.

    The islands of Greece are breathtaking: the Archipelagos of the Ionian, Sporades and Dodecanese islands offer an incredible variety of landscapes and panoramas and a sea of ​​infinite hues of blue.

    The Cyclades Archipelago is the most iconic: with villages perched on top of its islands where the blinding white of the houses mixed with the intense blue of the domes stands out against the deep blue background of the sea, it truly is the image of Summer itself.

    To the south, here is the large island of Crete, cradle of the Minoan civilization, with an exotic flavor.

    Crystal clear or deep blue sea, breathtaking beaches and picturesque cliffs, the taste of the Mediterranean cuisine and the exciting nightlife, the relaxed rhythms of the tiny fishing villages and the Meltemi wind that dampens the summer heat: with its 227 islands Greece knows how to give the best of itself whatever type of vacation you are looking for.

    From Zakynthos with its famous shipwreck cove to Mykonos with its cosmopolitan atmosphere, from the elegant Skiathos to the romantic Santorini, from the mediterranean Crete to the hundreds of smaller islands, from the lower Adriatic to the coasts of Turkey, the Greek sea and islands truly embody the spirit of the perfect holiday.

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